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Being a Servant Spouse requires that we give 110% to our marriage. Marriage is not 50/50 as much of the world might lead us to believe. Many parts of our society will offer marriage advice. In books and magazines we read about compromise or “meeting each other half way”. On TV and the radio we […]

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Life is full of agony and suffering. Everywhere we look our family, friends, and even ourselves are suffering. All suffering is difficult but marital suffering can be especially challenging. Because of Adam and Eve’s original sin, we live in an imperfect world. Because of this imperfect world, the relationship between husband and wife is not […]

where to buy proscar online uk

When we enter marriage, we bring along our unique, individual personalities. These personalities, that attracted us to each other, can also cause challenges in the way we communicate and resolve conflict in our marriage. Our typical approach to our spouse is to assume they share our same personality. If we are detail oriented, we expect […]