About Us

My husband and I have been married for 18 years; we have 2 children (boys, ages 12 and 9 years). Most of the first 10 years of our marriage were full of crisis and extreme difficulty. There were many reasons that the world encouraged us to divorce but because of our Catholic beliefs we knew that was not an option. Feeling doomed to live in a loveless marriage, I surrendered our fate to God not knowing how or when He would deliver us from our misery. Through daily prayer, I learned that God wanted me to die of myself and serve my spouse, even when I did not feel like it. Even when he was so terrible to me. Instead of asking God to change my husband, I started asking for God to help me see my husband through God’s eyes, to help me love him as God loved him, even with his flaws. Over the years God did change both of us and He did deliver us from extreme unhappiness to a love only God could have ordained!! Today we love each other more than we ever dreamed we could, even more than we did at the beginning. This blog is a reflection on how God delivered us. Through this deliverance we learned how to be Servant Spouses and how God wanted to use our story to offer hope to all marriages, including those in crisis.

Being a Servant Spouse is the foundation of a great christian marriage. Learning to be selfless and to die of ourselves, for our spouse, is necessary but seems impossible. It is only through God’s grace and assistance that we can become a Servant Spouse. Through this sacrifice we grow in love for God and our spouse; ultimately being a Servant Spouse will result in happiness only God can provide. The challenge is allowing God to deliver that happiness in His time and in His way.

Our desire is that our blog posts will help you grow in faith while you strengthen your marriage.

Melissa B.