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Happy New Year!!! The year of 2017 is new and it’s exciting to think about its possibilities. I think most people look to the New Year in these first few days as a clean slate, a way to start over or to start anew. Lots of warm, fuzzy, and powerful feelings come with the idea […]

where can i buy proscar online

Have you ever looked at your marriage and wondered……if only it could be a little better, a little stronger, a little more enjoyable? Or maybe you’re in crisis and you have wondered……is there anything I can do to make a difference? The answer is YES!!! My husband and I developed a 21 Day Marriage Press […]

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In my last post (Does Your Spouse Rank Before or After Your Pet?), I referenced how I had changed up my priorities after a lot of soul searching, praying, and discerning. They used to be: 1) Work 2) Children 3) Volunteering 4) Dog 5) Friends 6) ? There was no time for a 6, leaving […]

buy proscar malaysia

That might seem like an odd question. Does your spouse rank before or after your pet? But humor me for a minute. How would you answer that? I cannot answer for you, but I bet I can relate to what you might be thinking. Years past, I would have wanted to say: “Of course, my […]

If I had only known…

How would you answer that question today “If I had only known…I would have grabbed an umbrella.” Or “If I had only known…..I might not have gotten married”, or “If I had only known…I would have done xyz differently.” Today I would answer that question “If I had only known I would have blown out […]

Where is God?

Here on Servant Spouse I write mostly about marriage and my expertise I guess you could say is crisis marriage. If you have followed our blog for this last year you know that in the past we suffered greatly “in” our marriage and “with” our marriage but what you probably do not know is “the […]

The 5 Love Languages: do they really matter?

On our wedding day we received lots and lots of gifts. Many of the gifts were right off of our registry, which is what a bride hopes for. While the bride and groom want to be appreciative of every gift, truth be told, anything not from the registry is at risk of being weird, unused, […]

Mary said “YES”, can I?

There are just a few days until Christmas. I love this time of year. The Christmas carols are playing, friends and family are shopping, but mostly, I love the anticipation of the birth of Jesus. Sure his birth was over 2000 years ago, but I love remembering how Christ our King, King of Heaven and […]